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Default Using ProjectMix control surface with REAPER

A tip for M-Audio ProjectMix control surface users:

Use the Cubase setting when working with REAPER - here's how:

The following presupposes that you have fully installed your ProjectMix.

Set your ProjectMix control surface to Cubase mode (hold down Aux 2 on startup).

Open REAPER, go to Options -> Preferences -> Control Surfaces and select Add.
From the resulting dialog set Control Surface Mode to "Mackie Control" and MIDI input and output to "ProjectMix Control Surface MIDI" then press OK.

Still on the Preferences screen, select Audio -> Device. If it doesn't come up automatically, set the ASIO Drvier to M-Audio FW ASIO.

Either at this point or on restart, the control surface will function with REAPER, including motorised faders etc. I haven't tested all functions but so far, all the basics have worked - transport, faders, bank, pan, mute, solo, rec...
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