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Originally Posted by Solar View Post
If any specific setup, please share also waiting for the icons!!!

Ah you're right, here are my appearance settings :

[IMG]http://img850.**************/img850/9403/[/IMG] [IMG]http://img19.**************/img19/2024/[/IMG]

Check "draw label above the item" to be able to see the little arrow on top right corner of selected items (I could make them bigger btw).
Originally Posted by jedstar2000 View Post
Could you include yore toolbar it looks well thought out ..

Thanks Jed

I'm finding having the sends/master disabled and mutes in the tcp the same color a little disorientating.
I've been thinking about this myself, so what about light gray instead ? (a bit hard to judge out of context though)


Also here's the toolbar action list + the midi editor mouse modifiers buttons (left click / left drag / right drag) :

[IMG]http://img689.**************/img689/3640/[/IMG] [IMG]http://img155.**************/img155/3751/[/IMG]
JS plugin : Vmorph
V4 theme : GrayMatter
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