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Lightbulb Get it here: Battery 2 Template, 8 stereo outs

Pfew, it took some learning and the excelent tutorial of Talisman here:
Mind you: I only needed steps 1-4, not step 5 (setting up midi channels). The midi parts go in the second track, holding the instrument. The audio get's played back through the 8 outputs, and submixed in the group track (top) before going to the master.

But I did it, and it works like a charm! I now have a template for Battery 2 with 8 stereo outs. You can add more if you wish and need so.

Attached, have fun! When I setup another multi-out Vsti I'll be sure to drop it here as well.


[edit]Because I allready posted the attachment in another topic, I cannot do it again so it seems. To get to the template: look for my second post here:

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