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Originally Posted by J.HEXX View Post
the error is related to the driver called Tascusb2.sys with description TASCAM USB 2.0 Audio Driver is a driver file from company TASCAM belonging to product TASCAM USB 2.0 Driver.
The file is digitally signed from Ploytec GmbH - VeriSign Time Stamping Services Signer - G2
We do not recommend removing digitally signed files from Ploytec GmbH
.. driver (the tascam windows media player driver or something like that) that causes the issue of blue screening. i get it only once in a blue,it used to be worse before.
it was mostly resolved in firmware and driver 2.03. i own one and i been very happy with it, since the latest update. one thing for sure, never ever use the driver that comes with the unit on the disc in the box, it had serious driver issues.

make sure to select Tascam ASIO driver when you run reaper as the main interface driver.
so, it seems that we had to hope that tascam doesnt crash in the middle of a recording...thanks for the information, at least now i know what happens!

Originally Posted by bingethink View Post
Thanks Metal P I hadn't switched the latency to 'high', I left it at the defaults...will change to see if makes a difference. I'm tempted to upgrade a few bits and pieces to see if that improves reliability.
remember that Highest latency means bigger buffer, better processing but latency between input and output, Lowest Latency means smaller buffer, but "real time" processing...
usually i never use lowest, i use low latency when i record some instrument with real time processing (guitars with guitar rig for example), and highest latency when i work on mixes..

for example, as you can see in the screenshot,now i have Highest Latency selected because now i'm working on an orchestral mix with 40 microphones, so 40 tracks at 96Khz, little fx processing (just delays for compensate the phases between microphones and a bus with reverb), so i need to use highest latency for the big quantity of datas to store in the buffer
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