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Didn't go through the whole thread so it's probably a reApeat.

-Though you can use "run as separate process" and have certain plugins access more ram (32 bit on x64 os), it is not as easy as simply running the x64 version of reaper and having all the ram accessible (well, most of it) I have 8GB's on this now over 2 year-old machine and you can access up to 6.99GB. I really don't know why windoze does this, it's just how it is.

-There are little to no benefits to x64 other than removing the ram limitations. It's a BIG deal btw for many a musician

-The reaper bridge works very well for x86 plugs inside reap, but in fact I've got only ONE x86 plug left. Yep, even the free version of "rough rider" went x64!
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