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Originally Posted by jens View Post
I'm really wondering where all this praise for Vandal comes from.

I consider it the poorest simulation I ever heard. What sounded the least bad for me on guitar was actually its bass-amp (which sucks for bass though).

I normally like Sascha's creations but Vandall's amps are really a pile of garbage in my opinion.
Well, I sure do not agree it is garbage. I have GR3, Amp 3, Kaussa, TH1, and a few freebies. To me Vandal is the go to sim for most realistic sounds..outside of metal....cause I just don't know metal sounds.

But funny come to think of it. I hear people say reaper sucks, logic has the best audio engine, nuendo sounds better than Sonar but SAW sounds the best. Strange the way we hear.....
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