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Originally Posted by chrisharbin View Post

I seem to remember someone recently who said something wasn't very good who after learning to use it started to say they liked it. I can't remember who it was though.
I'm pretty sure that was me in the very first post of this thread, I said Line 6 POD Farm didn't sound very good and pattonfreak1 proved me wrong.

What I've learnt is that what I thought it was the Amp Sim lacking in tonal quality was actually a problem with my recording technique. Since then I have been recording with 4 guitar tracks, panning them 100%R, 80%R, 80%L and 100%L, then 'gluing' them together with a compressor and EQ. My guitar sound has never sounded better. Tones in PODFarm that I had once considered too thin and weak to record with now sound much better using this technique.
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