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I totally agree with all of this.

If you hadn't told me what the issue was, I'd still be scratching my head.

The current behaviour is not desirable in any case I can imagine and truly has the potential for the user to lose a lot of work.

There is no notice or warning anything is amiss. You either catch that multiple things have been undone (when you only requested the most recent change be undone), or you continue working thinking the the undo has functioned as it should and lose all your unsaved work after your next edit. What is even worse, is that if you've run out of undo memory, it means you've make a lot of edits which is not the time for the program to decide to undo them all and not tell you.

When modern systems have many gigs of RAM, I don't see why this should ever be an issue. Can't the undo memory size be dynamic? If there needs to be a fixed maximum the default should be something most will never reach. Having the potential to blow up your project because undo has used 30mb of your 12gb of RAM doesn't seem sensible to me.
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