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Default example projects

I have downloaded the latest IPlug-Youlean-Master and built all example projects with VS2015 in Win10 without issue, but two of the projects are not operating as expected. IPlugEffectCairoGraphics: When opening initially, 3 objects appear on gui(2 green and1 blue). After minimizing and maximizing the screen, 4 objects appear (3green and 1 blue). After repeating the process of minimizing/maximizing, all 4 objects are green.

IPlugEffectGUILiveEdit: Background resizes properly. Controls move but do not appear to resize properly. When trying to resize the knob, the vertically stitched knob image is revealed.

I have only tested the projects in savihost so far.
Also, are the modifier keys (E,B,T,etc...) still working? Resizing/moving only snaps to grid.
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