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Originally Posted by David S View Post
I have downloaded the latest IPlug-Youlean-Master and built all example projects with VS2015 in Win10 without issue, but two of the projects are not operating as expected. IPlugEffectCairoGraphics: When opening initially, 3 objects appear on gui(2 green and1 blue). After minimizing and maximizing the screen, 4 objects appear (3green and 1 blue). After repeating the process of minimizing/maximizing, all 4 objects are green.

IPlugEffectGUILiveEdit: Background resizes properly. Controls move but do not appear to resize properly. When trying to resize the knob, the vertically stitched knob image is revealed.

I have only tested the projects in savihost so far.
Also, are the modifier keys (E,B,T,etc...) still working? Resizing/moving only snaps to grid.
IPlugEffectCairoGraphics: This is because of cairo_translate. If you do cairo_translate you must undo it before next frame...
IPlugEffectGUILiveEdit: You shouldn't resize knob as it must have fixed size depending on number of frames and bitmap width. This is stripped down version of previous IPlugGUILiveResize, it will gain many functions in the future...
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