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first of all thank you and congrats for your IPlug-Youlean release.

While trying this out I found I seem to have a problem with 'baked in' presets ( = not using chunks).

I simply copied your IPlugEffect example (using W-DLicate) and changed the following to make some presets (see screenshot). Result: Only first preset is shown (screenshot shows Reaper, but I get the same result in Tobybear's Minihost).

Hm, any idea what's going on ? Has anyone tried this, is it supposed to work ? (I used this method in WDL-OL without problems)

edit: I get the same result (only first preset showing up) also when I try with WDL-OL (I've recently pulled the latest commits), not sure what's going on.

At least it doesn't seem to be something with WDL-Y alone, need to investigate...

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