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Originally Posted by Bobflip View Post
Ok, sorry for further noobishness but turns out I hadn’t quite got the FFT linking solved after all. While my project compiles if I drag fft.c and fft.h into the Project Headers section and #include "fft.h”, and I can set up variables such as WDL_FFT_COMPLEX FFTBuffer[65536]; without issue, as soon as I try to use any of the routines such as WDL_fft_init() it fails to compile with the ‘Undefined symbols’ error. I've attached a screenshot of the error message.
What do you mean by having dragged fft.c into the Project Headers section?

fft.c needs to be compiled in your project for the code of its functions & methods to be available when linking. It should not be treated like a header (for inclusion) like fft.h, but added directly to the project alongside your own .c/.cpp source files in the Project navigator.

(I hope this makes sense!)
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