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Originally Posted by BrendaEM View Post
I am curious...
1.) Is high-res/4K/Retina display support is important to you?
2.) Do you have a display or laptop with a display greater than high-res/4K/Retina display?
3.) Are you planning buying a computer or display that has a high-res/4K/Retina in the future?
4.) Do you think that it would help your work to have a high-res/4K/Retina display?

(anything over 1920x1080 is should be considered high-dpi or high-res for the poll.

Perhaps this as well...
5.) Would you like better touchscreen support?


Sorry about the heading misspelling.
Hi Brenda,
I don't think it would help many users in any truly important ways really. It is just a nice option to have. Helpful, not essential, like multi screens. I have a 21:9 screen now, the extra space is a nice feature, not essential. I wouldn't mind having three of them, but it would only be self indulgence (though three of these would be more useful than 4k, and still cheaper than most 4k screens).
Anyway related threads:

People have two competing requirements/options with 4k. Super high DPI - smoother graphics, invisible pixels (like they experience with any half decent smart phone), and extra screen space, instead of multi screens (which I think is far more useful and realistic currently).

People will expect both in a few years, they will get that option with 8k. A bit pricey at the mo!

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