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Originally Posted by TheWhistler View Post
I donīt know if these topics are related but I guess they are.
I would like Reaper to better support different resolutions.
This needs a vector based gui, right?

I have to displays (27" monitor + 17" notebook), both are 1920 x 1080.
The notebook looks so f... small I had to scale it up to 125% in windows.
The result is better in terms of readability but blurred and fuzzy.
Good example. It's just a relationship between screen size and resolution. When 1920*1080 is the norm even for 17" screen, the choice is clearly not on consumers' side. There are still some older 18.5" 1366*768 desktop monitors on the market but will people seriously thinking about buying them? The closest thing with similar PPI would be a 26" 1920*1080 one. Anything in between are "smaller". 4K or not is irrelevant.
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