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Originally Posted by BrendaEM View Post
I wanted to chime in on this again, and point out:
High-DPI and resolution independence doesn't mean that everything shouldn't mean that everything gets unsuitably smaller, it means that things appear clearer.
If that's what you want from it. Typically with 4k using say a typical large screen TV set it can be like having workspace of 4x average 1080p monitors (similar or same DPI) without bezels and extra cables and stands getting in the way. OR it can be used for extra DPI on same size panel.
When 8k becomes the norm people will expect and require both higher resolution graphics input and more screen real estate.

Bear in mind running any 3d program requires a massive increase in processing power for a relatively subtle gain. It is nice though.

The pixels on my 25" 21:9 monitor are much smaller than on my 23" 1080p 16:9 and it does improve image quality.
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