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Didn't know, that this thread existed, so I'll repost my FR here:

When working with GetUserInput, I often stumble over the limitation of the "," used as separator for multiple fields, as this virtually prevents me from inputting a "," into one of the fields, cause I can't separate the values anymore. So, I'd love to suggest the following additions into the pool of API-functions:

>>bool GetUserInputs2("title", int num_inputs, "captions_csv", #retvals_csv[, string separator])
like GetUserInputs, but uses the parameter seperator for seperating the individual fields, instead of the standard "," so parsing the returned value-string would be easier.

- separator - indicates, what seperates the captions/retvals in the csv. Default is a ,

>>array GetUserInputs3("title", int num_inputs, "captions_csv"[, string seperator])
like GetUserInputs3, but returns the input-values as an array and not as a csv-string.

- seperator - indicates, what seperates the entries in the captions_csv. Default is a ,

I also would love to see some more ways of customizing the reaper.MB-function, by giving it's buttons individual labels, as well as having more buttons to use.
Also a checkbox for use-cases like "Do you want this Messagebox to reappear?" would be great:

>>integer choice, integer checkbox = reaper.MB2(string msg, string title, integer numberofbuttons, string "text for button 1", string "text for button 2", string "text for button 3", ... , string "text for button n"[, integer preselection][, string checkbox-title])
Customizable MessageBox, where the buttons can have their own texts.

- number of buttons - how many buttons shall this messagebox have, so Reaper can determine, how many of the parameters are for the button-texts.
- "text for button n" - the text for the buttons.
preselection - which button shall be automatically preselected, when working with keyboard
- checkbox-title - an optional checkbox, that is included between the msg and the buttons. Can be used for "don't ask again"-choices.
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