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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Not that it helps with tracking down the culprit, but I have divided my windows plugins between several prefixes. Like ~/.wvst-prefix/fabfilter, mixed, ik, etc. Like that I can easily change some dll override for a group of plugins and not others, and something happening in one prefix won't kill all of them. The good thing is that it makes it nearly effortless to backup the prefix, just a cp -r source destination and I have a backup to restore in case something breaks when installing new stuff.
Thanks for the suggestions. I inched that direction by moving the
synthedit/synthmaker plugins to a separate folder. I did a fresh install
of Mint 18 today, as a SMART error flashed on-screen, so I backed up
backups, and used a different partition, so far, so good,
and a good moment to try extra prefixes.
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