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Default OSC automap

i have a wish
is it possible to write a script that enables to automap OSC values?
for example (using touchosc)
i am using an eq from GRM tools...
it has 31 bands for each channel....
on my osc interface i have 31 sliders....
they send the values /2/multifader3/1 for example....
the value of the fader is the last one /2/multifader3/(X)...
is there a way to select multiple faders or to enable a automap function where i put
the OSC message /2/multifader3/ and then the values from 1 to 31 an assign them to the corresponding bands on the eq?
that would be interesting to map those values fast and not only for this tool...
it would enable maybe also for live performances and live mixing?
it would be a present of the heaven.... because not only that the vst is in stereo (that means 31*2 faders)

in case if there is already something like that i hope you can tell me where to find it... i was tryng to find it but in the actions list i couldnt find something like that...
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