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Yes it's relatively easy (but there is not much documentation). I think it would be a good idea to expose these functions in SWS (I'm interested in kbd_getTextFromCmd, I'll look into doing that later).

Minimal example for adding a custom API function and exposing it to ReaScript:
static const char *definition = "double\0char*,int\0str,flag\0help text for myfunction";

static double cImpl(char *str, int flag)
  return 0;

static void *reascriptImpl(void **argv, int argc)
  // argument count check is already done by reaper
  return (void *)(intptr_t)cImpl((char *)argv[0], (int)(intptr_t)argv[1]);

void registerAPI()
  // call when initializing the extension
  plugin_register("API_functionName", (void *)&cImpl);
  plugin_register("APIvararg_functionName", (void *)&reascriptImpl);
  plugin_register("APIdef_functionName", (void *)definition);

void removeAPI()
  // call when unloading the extension
  plugin_register("-API_functionName", (void *)&cImpl);
  plugin_register("-APIvararg_functionName", (void *)&reascriptImpl);
  plugin_register("-APIdef_functionName", (void *)definition);
(This gets repetitive when adding many functions so I made helper functions and macros to clean this up and have the compiler generate the ugly reascript implementations automatically: SWS uses a PHP script to generate them.)

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