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Originally Posted by Macc View Post
Thanks for this theme - it's been my only theme for absolutely ages now.

One small thing. Is it possible to remove/hide the folder panel on the left of the TCP (extreme left of screen)? I only use Reaper for mastering, so never need folders. Also, an accidental click can put something in a folder, change the gain structure and blow my head off with extreme loudness, haha.

Is that possible? Hope this isn't too stupid a question.
Hi Macc
You're welcome!
Glad you're enjoying the theme.

To remove the Folder and Folder Compression buttons from the TCP panel, you'll need to edit RTCONFIG.txt file in the theme's image folder.
Open it with a text editor and find the following 2 lines in each of the TCP layouts set them to zero as per the example below:
set tcp.foldercomp	[0]
set tcp.folder 		[0]
* Please note the following:
This will also remove the black area on the left side of the TCP.
This can't be helped without rebuilding the theme.
Unfortunately, this will not stop you from being able to create folders with drag and drop.
not sure how or if that can be turned off.

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