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Originally Posted by RJHollins View Post
I wondered if there is a 'scaling' control that allows for global 'Strength'
of the Corrected result ? Unless I'm overlooking ... it seems the corrective amount is 100%.

If this type of control option is not available ... is it possible ?
No problem. Implemented and released in v1.5.0 (updated ReaPack and Stash ZIP).

I had to tidy the dials up to make room for it, but note the new "Amount" control:

EDIT: it now hides the Q and Amount knobs until you hit "Correct", because they don't do anything until that point.

It scales the correction curve (white) but not the bands - that seemed (to me) the more intuitive and clear way to display what it was doing.

Originally Posted by cymbals View Post
Yes- at the top right corner, adjust the mix percentage - that will allow you to dial down the strength of it.
The built-in wet/dry dial probably wouldn't give you the result you want because:
  • phase issues mean things don't add up right (true for any EQ that's not explicitly linear-phase)
  • even without phase issues, a linear mix doesn't give nice (or even symmetrical!) dB interpolation. For example, a 50% wet/dry mix of a +10dB boost is +6.4dB, but a 50% wet/dry mix of a -10dB cut is -3.6dB.

Have fun!


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