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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
if I had to do what you just did to make a bass acceptable in a mix, I'd retrack it and/or fire the bass player.
AMEN. But, I appreciate Mr.PC's Academic exercise.

It was probably acceptable before all of this. Now it's ~9.4% more acceptable. Bravo!

How do I approach processing a perfectly acceptable bass? I'm so glad you asked.

I'll use some parametric eq and a comp to get it to fit well in the track. (~4.14% improvement) Then I usually I add some sort of distortion and automate the wet/dry mix to get it grooving and punching in the right parts (~2.17% improvement). Then I go to ReaFir in comp mode to tame a wild note here and there...

ReaFIR's parameters aren't exactly automatable, so various shenanigans to get what I want ensue. (~2.8714% improvement)

To get that last 10% improvement on a track that's 90% there already, you have to use New Math. With New Math, luckily, there are no wrong answers!
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