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maybe some snare is bleeding in the kick mic? I'll have to look into that.

The track already was acceptable / pretty good. I could have actually just exported the original recording untouched and it'd sound good.

What I'm trying to do is push new levels of bass, without things sounding muddy / compressed. Looks like I've failed on that front, but w/e.

Next goal can be, as above, a 7.4% improvement on an already good take (at least I shouldn't make it worse, which likely everyone will say I have after hearing the unprocessed bass).

I *almost* decided to re-tune every harmony in this track to pure-intervals, but decided it wouldn't be worth the effort.

The bass was recorded DI actually. I tried some amp-models using Helix... but didn't really feel it improved anything.

"I've found that deep resonances on bass parts don't neatly follow pitches, and usually carving out a static notch, or using dynamic EQ at a set point, deals with too much boom." So wouldn't this mean what I'm doing, tracking pitch with EQ, would make sense?

I also thought about following the bass track with a LF sine-wave.

I'll have to try chopping the bass into 2 parts; never did that before... but on this track; I've already taken it so far, I don't want to start from scratch here.

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