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Default Issue with the new "track_selected" scalar...

Hi, all

I am using Reaper 5.78 and apparently, few new scalar values have been implemented in this version, among them a track_selected one (see here). So, as I want to make the track label color of selected tracks brighter than the ones that aren't, I thought that it would be a good occasion to use it, from which I tried this Walter instruction :

set tcp.label.color reaper_version<578 [176 176 176] ?track_selected [200 200 200] [176 176 176]

It doesn't work : all the track labels remain at a RGB 176/176/176, no matter if a track is selected or not. And doing this...

set tcp.label.color reaper_version<578 [176 176 176] !track_selected [200 200 200] [176 176 176]

...makes all the tracks labels appear with a RGB 200/200/200 tint, again, with no difference between selected tracks and others.

So, has this scalar value really been implemented ? I'm wondering, because it doesn't appear in the final changelog list of Reaper 5.78. Or maybe, I'm not using it correctly.

Clarifications would be welcomed...
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