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Default WASAPI exclusive issue

Hello My OS is Windows 10 and I recently upgraded to 1803 April update.

In addition to that , I also upgraded the driver for my audio interface, which is Behringer UMC404HD. The upgraded version is 4.38. The USB driver is written by Thesycon.

Its ASIO driver works okay in Reaper. However, when I select WASAPI exclusive, there is a problem. The setting works without an error, but as soon as I hit the play button, the cursor is stuck and doesn't move. Recording as well.

If I change WASAPI exclusive to shared in reaper, it works okay. Or, I can disable the recording channel(giving it size 0) and it works okay in exclusive mode.

The WDM Kernel Streaming shows the same symptom as well.

Has anyone experienced similar things?

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