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Originally Posted by klausbert View Post
I wanted to use this theme (which is a beautiful one) instead of the old ALBERT-C Solaris Pro set. The only thing who made me switch back to the old theme is that the mixer green meters are beside the faders, thus making better use of space.

This 2.0 version have the meters ABOVE... is there a way to change that ?

I don't have more than 1080p of vertical resolution in my 24'' 16:9 monitor...

Thanks in advance!
Thank you for the compliment.
Unfortunately, putting the meters above was one of goals and really a necessity due to the button sizes in the fader section.
I may look into creating a layout with the meter in the fader section at some future date, but I am working on other things at the moment, so it would be a very long time before it could happen.

The theme is built for 1080 resolution, but all the layouts can be pulled down for smaller mixer sizes.
Albert's version is only fullscreen.

If you like the Albert-C Solaris Pro beta, you might want to try my Bug Fix version.
The thread for that is here:
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