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Originally Posted by ron-e-g View Post
Thanks xpander,
using your second instructions I see there are several files there duplicated. should I delete them you think?
are LCS_Gold and LCS_BugFix working?

Please note the following:

LCS Gold and LCS BugFix are self-contained.
Both should show up as as a single file for each in your Reaper Color Themes folder:
1 file: LCS_Gold.ReaperThemeZip
1 file: LCS_BugFix_ ALBERT-C ( SOLARIS-PRO ).ReaperThemeZip
notice that the file sizes are 2557 KB and 2177 KB

LCS Solaris Blue and Gray use a Theme File and Theme folder structure.
You should end up with 1 file and 1 folder for each of these themes in your Reaper Color Themes folder.
The file sizes are only 7 KB and 6 KB and the corresponding folder for each should be 2.18 MB and 2.15 MB.
notice that the files have no 'ZIP' at the end of the name:
file: Solaris_LCS_Blue_v2.ReaperTheme
folder: Solaris_LCS_Blue_v2

file: Solaris_LCS_Gray_v2.ReaperTheme
folder: Solaris_LCS_Gray_v2

I suggest you move all the other files with these names somewhere else, or delete all copies from your computer, download them again and start over.

The Solaris_LCS themes can be a bit tricky to install, but the file/folder structure is needed to access all of the layouts properly.
The double zipping is necessary to be able to load them onto Stash as one file.

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