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Originally Posted by Calaban View Post
Sounds great man. I really dig it. Slight Tame Impala influence?

Curious about the or VSTi?
Thanks a lot for listening! I like Tame Impala and love the album Lonerism. I was actually kind of depressed when it first came out because I feel like he made the album I'd been trying to make for the last ten years haha. More than anything I'm a big fan of 60's and 70's prog and garage/psych-rock.

Drums are Addictive Drums 2 (VST) with some tambourine and one of those mini cajon shakers thrown in the mix. That's been my go to these days as my recording environment doesn't really permit an actual drum set. Pretty much everything else is a real instrument though. I do use Addictive Keys for piano and rhodes sounds, however, which I can also heartily recommend.
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