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Originally Posted by clepsydrae View Post
In the linux version, I somehow got to a state where the project notes opened every time every project was opened, regardless of the state of "Show notes on project load" for the individual project. This happened after intentionally enabling that value for one of the projects. After that, every project would open with the project notes and that checkbox would be checked regardless of its past state. Disabling it and saving a project had no effect.

But I looked in reaper.ini and found "opennotes=1". I just changed it to "0" and the problem is gone.

Any idea how this "master" show project notes option gets set? I can't find a place in the UI to adjust that. Is there a switch somewhere?

I tried to reproduce the issue with a new reaper.ini and could not.

Thanks, fixing. This is a bug in all versions -- if you save the default project settings with that enabled, it will enable it when loading projects that do not have notes (though if the project has notes, it respects the setting of the project).
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