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Originally Posted by 4duhwinnn View Post
I'll bet there are dozens of those Behringer devices
owned by linux users, who temporarily gave up hope on
full usage. This might even drift over into FB1010 guitar
controller territory.
Yea, and I spoke too soon. It's super glitchy. Lags/skips in MIDI I/O such that I have to randomly and quickly tap buttons before they register. Fader movements are choppy (tho seems smooth from REAPER to the controller). Everything is smooth if I just use control mode from MIDI Devices (well, idk how to test the faders that way, but the buttons and encoders are fine), so guess something is out of whack with control surface specific handling or something. I have always had better luck with Klinke's plugin (and pretty sure I read that there is a Linux build somewhere) so maybe I'll give that a try just to cover all my bases.

Either way, now I'm back to square one on that issue

EDIT: Well, if Klinke for Linux exists, I can't find it now. Ugh.

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