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No MIDI cables or physical midi ports are in play. Just using direct USB from the control surface to the computer (took the hub out as well, if I didn't mention).

I'm certainly willing to try just about anything, at this point, so I'll poke my head in on IRC asap to see about interrupt priority and/or any other suggestions people there may have. Probably this weekend.

The main reason I'm pretty sure this is a bug in REAPER, and not related to hardware or system/kernel configuration, is because everything works swimmingly when I directly enable the device under MIDI Devices instead of going through the Control/OSC/web configuration. The UI for that is a bit buggy on top of the extreme data loss.

I'd be happy to use the control surface as a normal MIDI controller, if there was some way to set up the fader banks, but I'm just not sure if that can be done without some kind of extension that is outside of my ability to write at the moment.

Anyway, hope to chat on IRC soon. Thanks for all the help so far!


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