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I just downloaded the latest native REAPER 5.92 and I've some issues (which also are present in previous versions) I'm not sure if these can be considered to be bugs

1. When using the zynaddsubfx plugin (zynfusion with new GUI) I'm not able to use the keyboard to save presets, even when "send all keyboard input to plug-in" is enabled.
The same happens with Redux, i.e. not able to edit the phrase editor.

2. When switching to the mixer view in full screen mode (i.e. undocked) and opening e.g. the JS spectrum analyzer plugin, the plugin window doesn't stay ON TOP of the mixer window, but always goes behind as soon I click something in the mixer. Is this only an issue with the linux version? I have Debian 9 with XFCE .
This ( did not help. Plugins loaded in Carla stay open, while e.g. the Cockos Spectrum analyzer does not.

3. Likely this is normal, but in order to open the menus at the top you always have to click with the mouse, i.e. the scroll bar does not open automatically when the mouse arrow moves over it.

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