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Default New Effect:

This weekend's success: Ripple, a phaser-like effect that continuously rises or falls.

(audio demo 1, audio demo 2)

This effect can sound like a phaser, but it doesn't bounce up and down - it progresses endlessly in one direction or the other. The ripples in the spectrum taper off to 0dB outside the set limits, so you can modulate some frequencies while leaving others untouched (e.g. you might not want the very low end fluctuating).

It has a variable number of filters (up to 20) with stereo offset, with two filter modes ("peak" and "notch"). Everything aside from those two parameters should be automatable.

I hope you enjoy it.

Originally Posted by todd_r View Post
Only just came across these, just wanted to say thanks! They are fantastic, really high quality

Originally Posted by Sju View Post
So another idea. Do you think it might be useful to be able to invert the action of the Amount parameter, to be able to subtract a spectrum of one signal from another?
Forgot to reply properly to this - done, released in v1.7.0.


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