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Originally Posted by Bobflip View Post
Ok, seems like presets are currently broken, unless I'm missing something in how to implement them. I have taken a fresh IPlugEffect, and added the following lines:

#define kNumPrograms 3

  MakePreset("pre1", kGain, 1.0);
  MakePreset("pre2", kGain, 55.0);
  MakePreset("pre3", kGain, 80.0);
//  MakePresetFromNamedParams("pre1", 1,
//                            kGain, 1.0
//                            );
//  MakePresetFromNamedParams("pre2", 1,
//                            kGain, 55.0
//                            );
//  MakePresetFromNamedParams("pre3", 1,
//                            kGain, 80.0
//                            );
Tried it with both the MakePreset calls and the MakePresetFromNamedParams calls, and both will show the presets in the host preset list (tested with AU in Logic and VST2 in Ableton), but I can't select any presets other than the first, and the Gain control isn't updated.
Excuse me if I missed it, is above still an issue or is it supposed to be fixed ?
Because I seem to be getting a quite similar problem with my plugin (Win VST2, Reaper, current WDL-Youlean master branch, VST SDK 3610) ,when wanting to create 'built in' presets.

With this code in my plugin

const int kNumPrograms = 3;

MakeDefaultPreset("default", 1);
MakePreset("pre1", kGain, 55.0);
MakePreset("pre2", kGain, 80.0);
I get the following quirky behaviour, i.e. I can select presets 2 and 3 but they immediately snap back to default preset and the parameter isn't updated either.

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