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Default @#$%#@$ Awesome!

I almost purchased a shareware program built on something along these lines years ago, but the price tag was prohibitive. And same for something called ArtWonk also. You have a grateful art school dropout here, pal. Just what you always wanted, I'm sure. :-)

FWIW, here are some photos I've done:

Use them as you like, or not.



This added next day:
OK, after some tweaking and un/reinstalling etc. I got it up and running all right. Anybody trying this out now, as of ver 47 should know, as Brennan does mention elsewhere in this bb that the Google search is not working and you have to use one of the other image sources. And I wasn't satisfied with the images until I'd done considerable tweaking, because the defaults out of the box are for minimal resource consumption, but don't give an image much like the beautiful art seen in the sample images. I turned up a number of features, especially the internal canvas size, max object stacking level, and others. At the default 600x800 etc you get ugly aliasing on higher res monitors.

This thing is really great! My feature requests would include some basic hotkeys so I can save image more easily, ability to use my own image directory, as mentioned elsewhere, and automatic saving of images, as I really like everything I'm seeing.

What coding language is this written in?

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