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RME should come clean. In all my dealings with them, they misdirect for as long as hey possibly can tll their back is against the wall and they finally admit (like in the case of the first gen HDSP9652) that there actually is a hardware problem, contrary to the fixes shown on their site.

But theyll let you stew in the wrong direction for a year or more, even after having been asked point blank again and again.

I dont believe for one instant RME are telling the whole story of whats going on....what of the 255 PCI latency setting as well? WHats being yanked on here?

JUstin has shown he will bend over backwards to accomadate any company that gives a crap about their customers. RME is being given this chance, HAS been given this chance for more than a year, yet except for sopme guys at synthax support, have not even acknowledged reaper

balls in their court, time to pony up
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