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Originally Posted by Dandruff View Post
rme has fixed so many driver- and digicheck-bugs i've reported to them in the past! really. and most in a very short time (like justin does). there are some features and some smaller gui-issues i would like to see them implemented.

shall i list the BUGS justin hasn't fixed yet in reaper? there are plenty!

I think the real thing is that people point out bugs, and until we figure it out we take it seriously.. whereas I think pipeline's frustration with RME comes from hearing them say "it's not our fault, it's Vegas's fault", when vegas+rme has some behavior that vegas+no other audio driver does.. same goes for reaper.. the rme glitch sound is something (almost completely) unique to them... nearly every other major soundcard driver acts VERY differently.. so hearing them say "it's the hosts fault" is a bit ridiculous (even though it may be true some of the time)
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