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Originally Posted by Tale View Post
Oh, I see. Well, in that case I stand corrected: I have a fairly modern Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro, so it sure is 64 bit. This just shows what a MacExpert I am... (not!)
Anyway, I have retried building a 64 bit AU, but indeed it won't run. It doesn't even get listed as a valid AU.
Yeah...the MacBook Pros can't run the x64 KERNEL...can't boot x64. They CAN run x64 code on a 32-bit kernel (as do most other Intel Macs). The MacBook Pro is one of the few machines that can NOT boot x64 (most Mac Minis except for maybe the most recent ones are another). The Mac Pro and, I think, recent iMacs can be made to boot the 64-bit kernel, but boot 32-bit by default. The XServe is the only one that boots 64-bit by default.

They ALL run 64-bit code, though, with the exception of the Core Solo and Core Duo Minis, which had processors that were not 64-bit capable.

TMI, I know.

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