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Originally Posted by Tale View Post
Using your IPlugAU.r my plug-in now also crashes, so at least it gets recognized.

EDIT: My 64-bit plug-in crashes in IPlugAU::IPlugAUEntry(), case kAudioUnitGetPropertyInfoSelect, when it tries to execute *pWriteable = false.
Look at this snippet from AUDispatch.cpp...part of Apple's AU class hierarchy...

	#if __LP64__
		// comp instance, parameters in forward order
		#define PARAM(_typ, _name, _index, _nparams) \
			_typ _name = *(_typ *)&params->params[_index + 1];
		// parameters in reverse order, then comp instance
		#define PARAM(_typ, _name, _index, _nparams) \
			_typ _name = *(_typ *)&params->params[_nparams - 1 - _index];
And then look at the definition of GET_COMP_PARAM in IPlugAU.cpp. Why on earth would they reverse the order of everything on 64-bit platforms? It's not (or shouldn't be) an endian thing...

I suspect this is a good part of why it's crashing...but I could of course be wrong.

My brain hurts.

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