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Originally Posted by Tale View Post
Do you think there are a lot of PPC64 Macs out there? I was thinking of keeping my current PPC/Intel 32-bit OS X 10.0.4 build, and add an OS X 10.0.5 Intel 32/64-bit build with no PPC support.

BTW, I have found a couple of issues with IPlugAU.r (#ifdef where it should read #if, won't build for just 1 platform), and I have added more dual "fat" combinations. My Git repository contains an updated version.
Any G5 processor is 64-bit, and parts of the OS and libraries have been 64-bit enabled since 10.2-ish. Otherwise there would be no point in G5s with 8 GB of RAM, which weren't that uncommon.

I've got some of my plugs up and running now on x64...yay! Lots of work remaining, but forward motion is...err...going forward!

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