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Default Waveform drops, popping noise

I'm very new to recording, and I have a problem while recording my band. I have a 4 channel M-audio USB interface; Condensor mic for an overhead; Sm57 for my guitar, and a couple cheap mics for the bass and 2nd guitar. We let the overhead pick up the drums and vocals for now because we are on a budget. I have a new Lenovo Laptop that I'm using to record.

Ok, now for the problem: the wave form drops, visually, on the screen while we are recording. When I play it back, it creates a popping noise. It does it on all tracks at the same time (so all of the tracks have a void at the same time). It looks like the waveform goes completely to the bottom, stays flat for a small amount of time, and then goes back to normal.

I hope this makes sense. I don't know all the correct terms, and I'm sorry if this is on another forum, but this is my first forum. Thanks for any help.
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