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Originally Posted by SpiderFox View Post

std::future<std::vector<Project>> f = std::async(std::launch::async, &ProjectsController::getProjects, &pc);

How can I make it load in the background?
You have to store the returned future from std::async somewhere else than a local variable. The destructor of the future variable (or I think in your case running the isReady function) will block the execution of the current thread, negating the use of the async operation if the future is a local variable in a function. So make it a class member variable or a global variable instead. You will of course have to do the ready checking somewhere else too, taking care you don't block the GUI thread from returning to the event loop as soon as possible. (Maybe you could use a Juce timer that periodically checks if the future is ready or not, but also there you have to use do the check very quickly and not wait for the future.)

This problem is universal to GUI frameworks, not specific to JUCE. You should not do any operations that block the execution of the GUI thread for a long time.
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