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Default Small features that would make LICEcap the greatest screen capture software on Earth

1. Quick recording - instead of popping up the file dialog each time you press the 'Record...' button, record instantly to a timestamped .GIF file in the default / last used directory.

2. 'Always on Top' option : The window should stay on top if it loses focus even when not recording. This feature is very important for capturing from video windows / media players.

3. Ability to resize the window smaller than 136 pixels in width. At least make the width resizeable down to 100 pixels, since 100 pixels is the maximum allowed size for posting .GIF images/photos/avatars on most forums. The buttons should (dynamically) resize like in REAPER when the window gets smaller.

4. Low color modes (128-color and 64-color, with or without dithering) for significantly smaller file sizes.

5. Textboxes to allow typing in the desired window size of the capture area (instead of resizing the window manually). There are many times when you want to capture a .GIF of a specified size (320x240, for example).

6. Countdown a few seconds before recording if the 'show title frame' option is unticked.

7. Ability to save non-animated (still) screenshots like the Windows 7 Snipping Tool by setting the max. FPS to '0'
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