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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I'm interested in this kind of stuff and I already successfully did some OSCII-Bot scripting, but I fail to understand what you mean by "MMC" and by "locate".

MMC is Midi Machine Control

Basically the issue is that just supporting transport operations such as play, stop, rewind isn't enough awlays. Sometimes you need to move the playhead to a specific place and have another app follow.

For instance using an external video engine app (many support MMC but not OSC). You want nudge operations to also nudge the video player when editing and playback stopped, not only watch the video in sync while playing back.

This is why 'locate to a specific frame' is necessary. So you can seek frame by frame.

So while nudging REAPER sends commands like these.

/frames/str ,s 0:01:02:00

But more typical transport are

/stop ,f 1
/play ,f 0

So to translate REAPER's OSC output into MMC midi messages would be very useful.
Convert NLE XMLs to RPP.
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