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Originally Posted by theeighth View Post
I'm using Reaper on Linux (Debian 10 amd64) and here are some bugs I found:

1. Plugins options is not working properly. The bug's affects sliders - for example, I can't change Threshold for Fairly Childish compressor because there are only two options for me: -60 dB or 0 dB . I can't use slider to make it -30 or -20 or -5 dB, I can move it only stricktly to the left or to the right. That's it. I see this problem with mostly all plugins except for ReaComp, ReaEQ and other Rea-plugins series.
I've also moved my LV2-plugins to reaper via lv2vst and the situation with them is the same. I can't configure almost all plugins except some of them.
2. Graphics in plugins windows not showing properly. Here's the screenshot:

I'm sorry if somebody has already posted about those problems here and there is a solution.
And I'm also sorry for bad english =)

Try changing the decimal point for your system locale to be a period rather than a comma.

Normally the system locale isn't used by REAPER, but perhaps you loaded a plug-in which is setting the numeric locale?

In either case, future builds will have a warning/setting to try to override.

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