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Yet with ASIO being open source, no one has released code for it so multiple ASIO devices can be used simultaneously

seasonal greetingzz- well maybe steinberg still own rights to anything developed with asio or vst techno... licenses etcetc...>
it does seem kinda odd jf+co seem to be orientated towards open sources-yet their softwares remain closed...multimillionair,or not? heh

cockos could write their own uniques drivers to go with their unique softwares,that could have gone with their own unique hardware interfacings-- but, they do not! -currently..
a lot of hardware interfacing manufacturers actually give away free softywares with their sound cards/usb devices these days-- things like pro_foolz lite_ abelnot and what not... so users kinda stick with what they were 1st introduced to making music with more often,than not... right?
if cockos done the same ^ -it would not only introduce many more custu moars-but they could actually rule the roost and sing like a bird as intended!!
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