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Originally Posted by Bri1 View Post
^ will be agreeing to quite a few by installing your new products!

looks like you have most all you need now to create music-why worry about anything todo with licensing,open sources or whatever if your making music?
that's the whole point your here..right?

time spent here- coulda been a rack half done by now m8..
will there be a return to the forums here--> if you got--issues? !!
lolz--some people expect payments for simple advices-- it the way of the world eh.
what types of music are you looking at making ,or listening to with new kit?
I posted this earlier, but apparently others wanted to interject their non pertinent and inaccurate thoughts into the mix in regards to my interface choice. Apparently, I'm unable to make my own decisions and understand what would suit me best for my uses and budget.

Originally Posted by Rednroll View Post
Thanks! Exactly the info I was looking for where it sounds like the Behringer falls into that window. Now I just need to figure out how to determine latency once the one I purchased arrives.

Latency performance likely won't be a major factor for me. I'm mostly going to be using it for recording small YouTube video productions which will mainly be some VO recordings where the people I'm recording won't be monitoring themselves and I likely won't be doing any overdubbing. It's always good to know I should be covered either way.

As further background, my 7 y/o son started taking Karate classes, where the folks teaching the classes are doing volunteer work and his classes are only once a week and I suggested to the instructors that it would be nice if they had some Youtube vids where the kids could watch and use for practice throughout the week. I offered to volunteer my recording and editing services to put the videos together, where it seemed like a good opportunity for me to get back into recording.

So I'm currently working on putting a portable rack together which will include my DBX Mic-Pre channel strip processors, a patch bay and this Behringer audio interface to be able to do some onsite recording at the gym where the classes are held. Being rack mountable was one of the benefits which leaned me more towards the Behringer over the NI and Presonus options.

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