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Originally Posted by Rednroll View Post
I made the statement earlier that standard interface connections change and so do the OSes which none of the interface developers have any control over.
Only for general clarity... no one (that I remember) who made the point that some manufacturers don't keep up with legacy gear/drivers is talking about ^that. It's a worthwhile point, just not the reason people are typically complaining about it.

It's about when the vendor has every ability to just update the drivers to the current OS but they choose not to. I have 'some' but not that much empathy for just moving on as it can be nearly impossible to keep updating software/hardware that hasn't been manufactured in years,. However, on multiple occasions I've helped end users literally hack installers to install a driver that didn't even need updating, the problem was they were shitty at building the installer by pre-limiting 'greater than' versions when they built the installer. So in all cases, any talk of manufacturers supporting gear it is specifically about what the can but don't support.

That said there's no need for us to get into the weeds on this, some want to buy an interface, it's in their best interest to know who and who doesn't support their devices/drivers for how long. Some manufacturers have a clear track record at doing so, others absolutely do not. There really isn't anything more to it than that. How's the Behringer working btw?
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