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Default I've gotten ASIO driver working, but now the playback goes the the US-144

I recently bought a new laptop to use as my audio workstation (HP Envy, Core i7, 8GB DRAM, 1 TB drive) and after struggling for a couple of weeks to get it to work with my US-144 A/D, I found this thread and can now record successfully. Thanks!

However, the ASIO driver apparently assumes that one would only want to use the US-144 for playback, too-- I can't get any audio from Reaper out to the laptop's audio output without disabling the ASIO driver. Although I can hear Reaper playback through the US-144 phones output, I'd really like to use the laptop's system as I'm accustomed to. Is there any way to do this without disabling the ASIO driver? I hate having to swap connections to listen to rendered files instead of Reaper output and vice versa.


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