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Of course you can do that, but not like you think....

Okay so you are inside Reaper Working so you whip out a 1/4 stereo adapter and an 1/8 stereo cable hook it up to the interface with the 1/4 stereo adapter ( into the headphone output 1/4 plug)and then use the other end of the 1/8 stereo cable into your laptops MIC port or line in (if it has it.) then in the audio control panel recording devices, nake sure MIC in or Line is on so you can monitor the signal coming in. Now on the laptops OUTPUT line out plug hook it up to speakers or your earphones or just listen through your laptop speakers

You will need a 1/4 to 1/8 stereo adapter ( 10 cents ) and 1 1/8 cable ( called line in stereo cable) which has 2 ends that look like headphone plugs ( small 1/8 plugs) for about 2$

Radio shak this .

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